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Funny accessories

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Gigimax Erotic Secrets
Card game for HIM and HER with intimate questions for hot confessions and surprising answers. 55 car..
OV Apron
White apron, with cartoon-like male body imprint with an impressive penis...
OV Apron Big Boss
A man´s apron that has the text "BIG BOSS" on it. The apron has a funny extra: an erect plush penis ..
OV Boob Slippers
Warm and comfy boob slippers. Fits feet up to shoe size 44 (German Size)...
OV Boobs Apron
White apron with a printed female torso and soft plush boobs. To tie in the back. 100% polyester...
OV Female Apron
White apron, with cartoon-like female body imprint with round and full boobs...
OV House Slipper Boobs
Pink-coloured house slippers made of fake fur fabric. For HIM, with boobs on top. Standard size 42-4..
OV House Slippers Penis
Pink-coloured house slippers for HER. Made of fake fur fabric, with penis and testicles on top. Stan..
OV Penis Slippers
Warm and comfy penis slippers. Fits feet up to shoe size 40 (German Size)...
OV Penis Slippers
Gold-toned penis slippers made from a fluffy material with a penis and testicles shoe tip. One size ..
OV Willy Ice Tray
Pink icecube mould for 11 penis-shaped icecubes with testicles. Soft and elastic for an easy removal..
SexQuartet Sexy Facts Card Game
Ten categories & quartets that contain the most juicy, unbelievable but true, interesting and someti..
SexQuartet Sexy Sex Products Card Game
Displays the 40 most popular, fun, powerful and interesting erotic products that can be found in the..

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