Intīmai kopšanai un higiēnai

Intīmai kopšanai un higiēnai

Intīmai kopšanai un higiēnai
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Bathmate Trim
To be able to use the bathmate range of pumps effectively, the area where the pump seals to the body..
Blitz Blank hairstop cream (80 ml)
Reduces hairgrowth by up to 75 %. Remove hair as usual (eg. with Blitz Blank depilatory cream) and a..
Blitz Blank Shaving Cream (125 ml)
... softly and gently removes annoying hair - everywhere! Balmy. Pot with a spatula for easy applica..
Pjur med After Shave (100 ml)
Usable for all body parts. Skin-soothing and moisturizing. Tested, free of alcohol and perfumes and ..
Swan Ultimate Personal Shaver
For silky smooth skin with no nicks, cuts, or razor bumps, here is the new Ultimate Personal Shaver ..

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