Penis plugs & pins

Penis plugs & pins


Penis plugs & pins

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Mystim Plunging Pete dzimumlocekļa galviņas riņķis ar tapu
For the fancy: with his 24K gold-plated urethral sound flanked by two golden balls, our Plunging Pet..
Mystim Tickleberry Finn elektrostimulācijas zonde
The Mystim Tickleberry Finn urethral sound is long and beaded. It is perfectly suitable for the spec..
Sextreme dilator
Dilator with stimulating beads, rounded tip and smooth grip and tip. Seamless. - total length: 24 c..
Sextreme glans ring with penis plug
This stainless steel sperm stopper makes the glans taugh! For it a movable bracket is connected with..
Sextreme glans ring with penis plug
For the man´s sensitive area!Insert into the man´s urethra and put the movable ring over the glans. ..
Sextreme hollow dilator
For the man´s sensitive area!Penis plug with a bead structure in the middle. Insert it into the man´..
Sextreme Jewel Cockpin
Silver-coloured dilator with a red rhinestone on the end. 7.5 cm long, insertion depth 7 cm, Ø 0.5 t..
Sextreme Long Princess glans ring with dilator
Glans ring with urethral pin. The pivotable ring is placed around the corona and the end piece of th..
Sextreme Soaker Piss Plug
Hollow, silver-coloured dilator with 7 holes. 5 cm long, insertion depth 3.5 cm, Ø 0.6 to 0.9 cm. Ma..
Sextreme Torpedo Plug
Silver-coloured, swivelling glans ring (Ø 2.8 cm) with a hollow dilator that is open at both ends (5..
You2Toys Blue Silicone Dilator
Slightly bent, very flexible dilator with seamless rounded tip for easy insertion. Dark blue. - tota..
You2Toys Dilator Vibe
Bue special vibrator for instance applicable for stimulation of the male urethra.With a seamless rou..
You2Toys hollow dilator
Urinating and ejaculating is possible! A hollow, black dilator that gets inserted into the urethra. ..
You2Toys Penis Plug
Maiga silikona, violetas krāsas gredzens ar metāla tapu. Gredzens paredzēts izmantošanai uz locekļa ..

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