Piepūšamie stimulatori

Piepūšamie stimulatori

Piepūšamie stimulatori
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Bad Kitty Anal Balloon
Purple latex balloon with a hand ball pump. Ø 2.3 cm, Ø inflatable up to 9 cm! Material: latex (ball..
Bad Kitty Vibrating Balloon
Inflatable red anap plug with vibration. Length 14.5 cm, Ø 2-3 cm. Inflatable to max. 10 cm by means..
Late X Inflatable Plug
Inflatable anal plug made of black latex. Length approx. 20 cm, Ø 2.5-9.6 cm. Tube length approx. 39..
You2Toys Anal Expert
Inflatable anal plug with a handy rubber bulb and black latex coating. Size: 13 cm, Ø 1.5-3.5 cm...
You2Toys Be Bizarre Blow Me Up
Inflatable black dildo made of latex, penis-shaped. Total length dildo 25 cm, penetration depth ca. ..
You2Toys Red Balloon
Inflatable, red penis vibrator on suction-cup base. 16.5 cm long, Ø 3.8 cm, inflatable up to 3 times..
You2Toys Simply Anal Balloon
This ballon is inflatable up to a girth of 35 cm. Measures ballon: length 8.5 cm, ø 2.4 cm. With out..
You2Toys True Black Inflatable
This black butt plug with handy ball pump and outlet valve helps to stimulate HIM and HER. Length ap..
You2Toys True Black Vibrating Anal Plug
Black anal plug with easy handling pump and a 7-step vibration mode. 17 cm, 2,6 -4,6 cm diameter. In..


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