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Sex Cosmetic

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Amor Delay Forte performance spray for Him (20 ml)
Delay Forte was developed as a cosmetic product for the purpose of refreshing the genitial area of t..
ANOÉ (30 ml)
Anal care spray with cooling effect for smoothly penetration. Skin-friendly, free from oil and water..
Bathmate Trim
To be able to use the bathmate range of pumps effectively, the area where the pump seals to the body..
Big Boy Golden Delay gel (50 ml)
Big Boy Golden Delay Gel delays ejaculation thanks to a slightly anaesthetizing gel. By postponing o..
Blitz Blank hairstop cream (80 ml)
Reduces hairgrowth by up to 75 %. Remove hair as usual (eg. with Blitz Blank depilatory cream) and a..
Blitz Blank Shaving Cream (125 ml)
... softly and gently removes annoying hair - everywhere! Balmy. Pot with a spatula for easy applica..
Bull Power Delay Gel (30 ml)
Bull Power Delay Gel delays orgasm for a long time. Premature ejaculation is something that bothers ..
coolMann (150 ml)
CoolMann Anal Gel is a water-based lubricant. It enhances your personal pleasure. It enhances sexual..
coolMann Delay Gel (30 ml)
Desensitizes mildly and delays ejaculation - for long-lasting sexual pleasure. A common problem tha..
CP Female Pheromones EdT (20 ml)
CP Female Pheromones is a tempting Eau de Toilette with an alluring aroma and a balanced combination..
CP Male Pheromones EdT (20 ml)
CP Male Pheromones is a unique Eau de Toilette with a tempting musk scent. Inspired by the natural e..
Dona aromātiska mašāžas svece (135 ml)
Seksuālu uzbudinājumu veicinošas sojas sveces, kuru aromāti ir piesātināti ar feromoniem. Svecei kūs..
Dona Kissable Massage Candle (135 ml)
Indulge the senses with our DONA Kissable Massage Candle. Ignite a deliciously playful mood, then dr..
Dona Kissable Massage Oil (110 ml)
Transform your lover into a sensual dessert with DONA Kissable Massage Oil. Tempt your taste buds wi..
Dona kissable massage oil gift set (3 x 30 ml)
Transform your lover into a sensual dessert with the DONA Kissable Massage Oil Gift Set. In 3 intoxi..

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