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Gun Oil H2O (59 / 120 / 237 ml)
Gun Oil H2O water-based lubricant is formulated to the same high quality specifications as Gun Oil s..
Gun Oil Stroke 29 (100 ml)
The Masturbation Cream That Lasts Longer Than You Do. Stroke 29, Gun Oil's premium cream lubricant, ..
Gun Oil Toy Water-based Gel (100 ml)
Water-based lubricant gel. Thick and slick! Gun Oil Gel is a water-based lubricant designed for thos..
HOT BIO Sensitive (100 ml)
Organic & vegan, waterbased lubricant with carrageen and aloe vera, against vaginal dryness or the d..
JO H2O Cool (30 / 60 / 120 ml)
The only water-based Cool lubricant that feels just like silicone. JO H2O Cool is the silky JO H2O y..
JO H2O Original (30 / 60 / 120 ml)
The only water-based lube that feels just like silicone. JO H2O is made from the finest pharmaceutic..
JoyDivision BIOglide Original (40 / 150 / 500 ml)
The World's first 100% natural lubricant! All ingredients are produced upon a natural or biotechnolo..
Just Glide (50 / 200 ml)
Just Glide aqua is a water-based medical grade lubricant that moistures on the spot and improves lov..
Just Glide (500 / 1000 ml)
Just Glide helps you slip and slide with pleasure! It also provides long-lasting lubrication. Just G..
K-Y Jelly (82 g)
Lubricating jelly water soluble/bacteriostatic. A firm favourite for years K-Y Jelly by Johnson & Jo..
Mystim Bonnie & Glide (250 ml)
Bonnie & Glide is a high-quality, medical-grade, waterbased lubricant which is 100% safe to use with..
Mystim The Goldfather (250 ml)
A high-quality conducting gel containing pure 23-carat gold. The lubricant is perfect for playing wi..
Pjur Aqua (30 / 100 ml)
Water-based body lubricant. Very rich, non-greasy, unscented, moisturising, nurtures and protects dr..
Pjur Basic Waterbased (100 ml)
Moisturizing, extra-rich body glide, water-based. Very skin-friendly, intensive care for dry skin. F..
Pjur Espresso (100 ml)
As everyone knows, when you feel tired, listless and worn out, a nice cup of coffee or espresso will..


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